Organic Skin Care for Dogs

When looking at products for your dog, use the same care you would in choosing items for your own personal use. Animals are even more sensitive when it comes to chemical additives. We're proud to say that our Funky Dog products are made with no chemicals - just healthy, organic ingredients.As with all our products, Funky Dog is phtlate and paraben free. Cruelty free too!

Funky Dog Deodorizing Spray & Flea Repellent-natural flea repellent, insect repellent for dogs, natural flea control, natural flea remedies, natural flea spray, grooming spray, organic deodorizing spray
Funky Dog Deodorizing Spray & Flea Repellent
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Funky Dog Organic Balm-dog skin allergies, dog hot spots, organic balm, organic pet, organic dog, cracked dog paws, dog dry nose, dry dog skin, itchy dog skin, dog dry skin, dog hot spots, dog skin care
Funky Dog Organic Balm
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Funky Dog Shampoo Bar-organic dog shampoo, natural dog shampoo, shampoo bar for dogs, organic shampoo soap for dogs, dog itchy skin, natural flea repellents, organic dog soap
Funky Dog Shampoo Bar
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